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From the very beginning we have worked with a natural development in our menus and dishes which comply directly to the change of the seasons. Now we want to express it in a more pure and simple way. 


Therefore, we also work with three seasons rather than four, which some might say is the obvious choice. Namely the seasons for Flora, Fauna, and the Ocean that surrounds us.

sustainable gastronomy

Over time, Restaurant Fauna will grow to a more and more self-sufficient entity in vegetables, herbs and fruits, partly through in-house production, and in close collaboration with quality-conscious and uncompromising local producers.

We believe that through our ambitious and natural joy of authentic gastronomy, we can provide our guests with experiences that reflect the essence of a well-cooked meal based on the absolute best ingredients and produce of the season.

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meet the team

Mikael Kopp Christensen

General Manager

Nicklas Thellufsen

Chef de Cuisine

Lai Yin Cheng-Ottzen

Sales & Restaurant Coordinator

Michael Christensen


Kristian Hyldgaard


Mike Davidsen


Thomas Veiergang


Victor Christensen

Apprentice cook

Stine Pedersen

Apprentice cook

Nicklas Vingaard

Apprentice cook

Ida Juul Jonasen


mikael kopp

General Manager, Fauna

Chef, creator, cookbook author and creative zealot who is passionate about quality and creative development. Kopp’s resumé is long, and so are his achievements in the world of gastronomy.

With love and respect for nature and the Danish flora and fauna, the shift from Musikkens Spisehus to the new Restaurant Fauna fit perfectly.

“I look forward to show our guests how local surroundings can be reflected in our restaurants, and that ingredients do not have to come from abroad to be the best – on the contrary. Like the rest of the house, we feel an obligation to be at the forefront of sustainability, and we see it as an opportunity to go even further with a locally based kitchen. ”

nicklas thellufsen

Chef de Cuisine, Fauna

Our award-winning Chef de Cuisine Nicklas, finished his apprenticeship as a cook at Musikkens Spisehus in 2017. After graduating, he worked for a year at Restaurant Nam in Aalborg as sous chef, after which he returned to Musikkens Spisehus.

Here he held the sous chef position for two years, while winning the award for best Wild Game Dish of the year in 2018 ahead of a Michelin restaurant. Last year, he took the position as Chef de Cuisine at Musikkens Spisehus, now Fauna.



organic choices

When we select the very best ingredients, we always strive to use seasonal greens, with a focus on organic produce, and trade with local producers as much as possible.

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